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0 Thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. Julie_Gong on May 16, 2006 at 2:28 pm said:

    I missed most of it last night because I had to work but I saw the most important part… the 30mins. I couldn’t belive Denny died. Although no tears (suprising!) it was extremely sad to watch Izzy.

    I’ve read some rumors that Izzy isn’t leaving the show just being a surgon. Who knows though?

  2. I cried and cried! I started crying when they put the dog to sleep and Meredith was trying to comfort it. Then I cried when George apologized to Meredith because I feel so bad for him being so in love with her like that! I was so mad at Christina for wimping out on Burke. But I cried the most when Izzie was in bed with Denny. And it was so sad how she was in his arms and had her head on his shoulder. I agree, it was very sweet of Alex to comfort her like that. Remember when he was on the phone about the heart and they told him to do it for Izzie? AND HE DID! I really hope Izzie doesn’t really leave. She’s my favorite!

    Do we really have to wait till next season!?

  3. And I thought I was a cry baby :tongue: I think I would have cried more if McDork didn’t keep ruining everything :flipa:

    Yes…we really have to wait. I told Erik that after Sunday my shows are over and he can finally have his girlfriend back :lmao:

  4. I’m so furious that they slept together! I really want her to get serious with the vet. She better not hurt him like she hurt George. Do you watch Housewives too?

  5. I couldn’t agree more Heather :thumbsup:

    Yes I do watch DH and I will write up a review on that after the finale. It’s been pretty good lately and I want Susan back with Mike (and for a while this time).

  6. Hope your house thing isn’t stressing you out too much.

  7. It can be but I’m trying not to let it.

  8. I’m actually a little upset after I watched that on Monday night. I thought for sure Denny was going to be somewhat of a permanent fixture because he ended up dying in another series on the WB. To him die on this series as well just did not sit with me because I thought he would’ve been an excellent love interest for Izzy. I do think that Alex actually grew up some at that point in time but I don’t think it will last. McDreamy needs to grow up too. The best parts out of that entire 2 hours was when the chief had each of the residents in that room interrogating as it were and they all spilled their guts about their own problems and Christina’s and Meredith’s were the best.

  9. hterry – I don’t know why but I knew Denny would die…no explaination though for that. Thinking about it now I think a lot of it was pretty lame and I hope they get a little more realistic next season.

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