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0 Thoughts on “2006 Finales Part One

  1. Hey Robin,

    I guess you forgot one show.. but it’s not really ‘over’ yet. Greys Anatomy.

    2 things,
    1. WTF does Izzy think she’s doing? I think I’ve come to like her less, lately.
    2. Preston Burke got shot! WTF??

  2. Jumping the gun a bit JD huh? That would be Part Two since it hasn’t had it’s full finale yet. I will also do CSI and How I Met Your Mother…there might be more but I can’t remember them. Oh yeah Desperate Housewives too.

    Izzy has lost it…she’s going to be suspended at the least and probaby need a lot of help (mentally) as well.

  3. Chris on May 15, 2006 at 1:24 pm said:

    We’re behind you guys here in the UK, but I’m really annoyed with myself. I watched the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy and loved it, and somehow I’ve managed to miss every subsequent episode. It’s official, I am completely useless.

  4. Chris – That sucks, I personally think it’s one of the best shows on television right now. The only show that’s better is CSI :thumbsup:

  5. RE: What About Brian: Now if you remember when Grey’s Anatomy first came out they had about the same number of episodes. I think this might be a new trend to see if they can get a come back on the next season. I actually thought it was pretty good and they left such an interesting cliff hanger I’ll be sure to check back on it next season.

  6. hterry – you have a good point. I just don’t know how much I love WAB yet but I’ll check it out next season.

    The big thing with shows like this is not only do you have to like the characters or at least CARE about them but they also have to have workable chemistry. I’m still not all up on Marjorie…she kind of annoys me.

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