• http://geminibitch.wordpress.com Gemini

    It looks great! :yipee:

    I can’t wait to help you paint! I can be bribed with :coffee: , Pizza and Beer! :mwahaha:

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    If I throw in some Moulin Rouge soundtrack while we paint will you help clean too? :cheesy:

  • http://geminibitch.wordpress.com Gemini

    :rock: I don’t know though It might be hard to concentrate with Ewan singing to us! :wink:

  • http://hterry.com Blueyes

    I’d come help ya paint but your a bit far from and I think I’d roll over and die listening to Moulin Rouge lol I saw some interesting things though, a pink tub – never seen one of them before and a whole buncha potential for an attic room and basement room :) Love that stream in the back.

  • http://www.myspace.com/krayzee_chickadee Krayzee Chickadee

    :duh: I can’t see it Robin! Send me some photos, plz! Loves ya,

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