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0 Thoughts on “Friday Babble

  1. Just wondering what happened to the post about the house?

  2. Which post?

  3. Babble is fun. Don’t mind the bullets. Like the theme.

    LOVE donuts. *sigh*

    I haven’t watched AI all season. Don’t think I’m missing anything either.

    Good luck with the house stuff. You’re right about wasting rent. At least with owning, someday, you’ll get your money back.

    Waiting… is the hardest part… 🙂

  4. I thought that there was a post today about the house above the kitty pic?

    I don’t know maybe the days are melting together…

    Oh and I can post now!! yay! I have been working on my theme and the only thing I can’t get to show on the page is my links.. its tick’in me off! :whosnext:

    Blah I guess I will creat a page for links.. :blush:

  5. Oh I had that as a sticky post for a while and then took it off so it went down a few posts.

  6. a sticky post… erf… I am still learing…

    Teach me oh great one :ohgreatone:


  7. You are right. It is hard to find the comment section. Took me some searching to do it. Other than that I really like your theme.

    And you are not the only one does not watch American Idol. I can’t stand it either. Most nights it is like bad karoake. :lmao:

  8. Speeking of teaching…. um.. How do I do it so my gravitar shows on my site?

    I got all confused… :willy_nilly: Maybe I need another Muse teaching..

    Please Oh smart one teach me


  9. Nice gravatar…I’m not sure wordpress.com offers that :dunno:

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