Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Learned in College

1. Don’t wear white shoes to a basement party, or anything white for that matter.
2. Make sure your first roommate is a freshman like you and not a sophomore sorority girl.
3. Do not call your mother at 1:30 in the morning drunk and tell her “I don’t feel so good.”
4. Keep an eye on the laundry you are doing because it might get stolen.
5. Try not to go to bed too early because you end up missing a lot.
6. Take advantage of going to class in your pajamas, you’ll never get to do that again in life.
7. Take advantage of having friends living no more than 5 minutes away from you, you may not have that again until you’re in a nursing home.
8. Do. Not. Date. Frat boys. Or at least don’t date more than one from a fraternity and definitely not as a freshman.
9. The red punch at parties is not as innocent as it seems.
10. They DO check all the rooms during a fire alarm so don’t stay in the room just because you have a guy over 😉
11. Keep an emergency pile of things (sweatshirt, book, homework, etc.) for the late night fire alarms.
12. Do not, I repeat DO NOT mix alcohol and beer. The saying “liquor before beer in the clear, beer before liquor never sicker” was created for a reason.
13. It’s the Domino’s pizza and breadsticks at 2am not the beer that you gain the freshman fifteen.
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0 Thoughts on “Thirteen lessons from college

  1. Ah, that red punch can be lethal!

    My list is up

  2. Ahhh yes the freshman 15! Great advice for those heading off to college!

    I played too!

  3. Wasn’t too sure where to go to leave a comment then lol.. luckily I found it. I don’t think anything’s as innocent as it looks, especially the students! 🙂

  4. I feel like I’ve missed out on the whole “college life” since I’m doing online courses and working 2 jobs :/ Wonder if I could get away with wearing jammies to work – scrubs might have to do 🙂 We did have that kind of punch at the high school prom though. Very good advice on the liquor/beer although. I haven’t a clue what the freshman 15 means though 😕

  5. 😀 Well, this took me back to those college days! Good one!

  6. Your college experience was very different from mine, but I think the part about friends being close by is really true. It will never be like that again–and sadly, many of those people you will never see again.

    My TT is up.

  7. When I went to UCSD, there were no fraternities or sororities on campus. Then they let them in and it changed the nature of the school. Oh well. My TT are up.

  8. Oh, what a FUN idea for a list! Sounds like you were pretty wild in college. 😉 Number 3 made me laugh. I bet she had a memorable reaction!

  9. So was the guy in #10 a frat boy from #8? LOL

    Happy TT!!

  10. That is a hilarious list. I love the fire alarm ones. Another great post. Well done.

  11. I missed out on a lot by not living on campus.

  12. the freshman fifteen! ha. i was telling my husband about the freshman fifteen thing and he had never heard of it. i gained them but also, happily, got rid of them 🙂

  13. You went to class in your PJ’s? 🙂 #12 is a very good tip. 🙂

  14. This is the best list! I love it! Great advise.

  15. One year for my New Year’s Resolution, I gave up frat boys. It didn’t last very long.

    My list is things about summer!

  16. LOL those are great 🙂

  17. I’ve done #12 – sometimes the outcome was terrible sometimes not.

    My 13 is up and also “Great job” from The Complimenting Commenter.

  18. Aahhahhaaa see, things like this make me glad I skipped college. I would have been in T R O U B L E. All. the time. Phew. Thanks for the reminder!


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