Time for the girls to get a clue

Last night’s Gilmore Girls episode was more touching than it’s been in a while but I’m still left a little annoyed with some of the plot.

Mrs. Gilmore had eye surgery so a hesitant Lorelai drove her around all day helping her get errands done. After a long day of being a chauffer for her mother they ended up at a realtor’s office. < To Lorelai’s surprise her mom was going to buy a house as a wedding gift for her and Luke. At that point she started to cry saying it was the perfect house but there wouldn’t be a wedding. Giving props to Emily it was a very sweet gesture albeit a little over the top but hey that’s her way. My biggest problem with the show right now is how they are handling the Luke and Lorelai relationship. I find it hard to believe Lorelai can’t just take Luke aside and say “hey, I know you just found out you have a daughter but I’m feeling a little bit ignored. I really don’t want to put off the wedding anymore, what are your feelings about it all?” I mean if they can’t discuss their feelings with each other they’ll never last as a married couple. Also, do we really need to throw Christopher into the mix? Lorelai needs to step be mature about all of this and not just run back to Christopher like she always does. Can she really see herself with Christopher in the long haul? It’s been twenty plus years since they’ve been able to manage any kind of relationship. So Lorelai, if things haven’t been working in your favor all these years just maybe it has more to do with you than the men you choose. It’s just a thought. As far as Rory, she’s gotten really boring and that’s saying a lot for the prissy girl she was as a teenager when the show first started. A big thanks to Sookie, Jackson and Michelle for being the best parts of the show. I can still see Michelle doing squats to work off the accidental 2% milk and Sookie and Jackson trying to hide 3 garbage bags full of weed 😆

  1. Tara

    May 3, 2006 at 10:12 pm

    Michel saved the show, and I was so happy to see Sookie and Jackson with the pickles!!!

    I go back to what I said in season 4: I HATE Rory.

    And Lorelai, doormat much?

    I personally didn’t think that Emily would have bought Lorelai and Luke a house. Hasn’t she tried to get Lorelai to go back to Christopher again and again???

    Ugh. I can’t wait until this season’s over. If I’m lucky, I’ll forget to watch next year.

    Thank my lucky stars Veronica Mars is NOT this horrible.

  2. Robin

    May 5, 2006 at 12:58 pm

    The only time I remotely like Rory is when it has to do with Jess.

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