Meet Jusy

I met Jusy within the first couple days of college; our dorm rooms were down the hall from each other. She swears the first time we met she said hi to me and I ignored her.

While I don’t remember this I was sulking a lot my first couple weeks of college so who knows. One day there was a car accident outside of our dorm and we all went to see what was happening. It was because of that accident that I was pulled into that group of girls I had avoided and therein started my college friendships.

Something about Jusy from day one I admired so much. She was so much her own person and so unique already at age 18. She liked music like The Lemonheads and The Cure, of which I didn’t know much of at the time.

I think the one thing we really clicked on right away was movies, the movies she tended to like were usually independent and she had a love for Quentin Tarantino I’d never seen before.

One day we got into a discussion about the actor that was in a small part of Pulp Fiction and in the star of the movie Career Opportunities. She said his name was Frank Whaley and I, with a moment of arrogance, was absolutely sure she was mistaken.

I had no information to back my claims up but I was sticking to it. I even had the nerve, jokingly of course, to say she was “so wrong I can smell it.” So we made a bet and she pulled out her Pulp Fiction video and proved she was right all along.

I had to eat my words and she also made me a pin bigger than the size of my boob that said “I Robin was wrong and Jusy was right” or something along those lines. I was required to wear that pin for the rest of the day.

We haven’t been steady friends for the past 10 years, there have been times we’ve fought and times we’ve just drifted apart. Jusy is still Jusy by all accounts.

She still loves Tarantino but now I also know of her love of David Lynch and that she hates Gwen Stefani. She still has her own style but now she wears more colors instead of black and red.

She’s grown up so much from the cynical girl of freshman year and I can thank her for introducing me to Weezer by making me a kickass mix cd.

When hanging out with Jusy I know there will be lots of talking, laughing and most likely some shopping. I know I always am happier after spending time with her and I am so glad all these years later we are even better friends than we were in the beginning.

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