No wonder I have social anxiety, I have the worst tendency to say or do the wrong thing in group settings. I’m usually ok around close friends but put me at a baby shower for work and I’ll start talking about how much I don’t want to have a baby. I really must either stop going to these events or just stay quiet while I’m there.

  • dementia

    You’re not the only one. I’m bad at social situations too.

  • Blueyes

    I usually just keep that information to myself until I can get out of baby shower then complain to a few friends lol

  • Dee

    I am the same way, not really with baby showers though. ;) I just can’t really talk in public places period, I get nervous and paranoid. I’m a mess in public. 8)

  • Robin

    Yeah me too.

  • a feminist

    That’s okay. I’d be found crouched in a corner, both hands to my temples, rocking back and forth should I ever be forced to attend anything so twee and breeder-centric as a baby shower. Offending any work colleagues by the proverbial foot-in-the-mouth would be the least of my worries; it’d be the state of psychological terror one of those things would place me in that would be my primary concern. So don’t sweat it :)

  • Robin

    If I spoke aloud my real thoughts they’d stop inviting me…hey that’s a thought.

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