You’re like a pop up book from hell

  • So I had watched some of One Tree Hill this season only at the hope of Jake coming back and therefore being some good Jake and Peyton scenes. A couple weeks ago I’d finally gotten sick and tired of sitting through complete crap television and didn’t watch. What happened? You guessed it, Jake came back the episode I didn’t watch. I found out because I tuned in last week and there was Jake already back. Dammit! They are the only thing good about the show as far as I’m concerned, I’m sap but I’ve already stated that many times.
  • CSI was disappointing last week but not because it was a rerun (we hadn’t seen it yet) but because Catherine stooped so low to hookup in a parking lot with such an obvious creep. You’d think as a CSI she’d have a little more sense than that, she lost a little bit of credibility with me.
  • I’m not sure what the writers of Gilmore Girls are thinking lately. Lorelai is all freaked out by Luke’s daughter but doesn’t actually tell him what’s wrong? Hello, she can’t seem to shut up the rest of the time. Luke is ignoring Lorelei and their wedding plans for the daughter he didn’t know he had, despite the fact he’s a father now it’s not like him at all. Rory pushes away Jess for the stuck-up Logan, I don’t understand what she sees in him. Oh yeah and Lorelei making a drunk speech at Lane’s wedding? C’mon!
  • I keep thinking I like Bedford Diaries but I’m still just not sure, I will let you know…that’s if you care.

Thanks Milo Ventimiglia Fan and Hilarie Burton Online for the pictures.

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