Joining the blogging world

A lot of people who want to come into the blogging world might feel overwhelmed or lost without a few directions on how to get started. I don’t know a lot about blogging but I know enough to make it work for my needs. It’s easy to start a blog but to really dive into the blogging world is a whole different story.

First thing you have to do is figure out the place you want to start your blog. A lot of people go to Blogger, which is ok for beginners but you have so many more options now. If I were to recommend a free place to blog with the most options I would suggest, which now offers a huge variety of templates and I think it works better as well. I believe, I could be wrong, you can import posts from an old blogger account, which I did a few months ago from my old blogger account

I wouldn’t suggest getting your own domain right off the bat like but after a while it might be something to consider if you like blogging enough to pay for it. Getting my own domain was one of the best things I ever did, I feel I have so many more options and I just love plugins. As you can see I blog just about everyday and I can’t express how much I enjoy it. If you do decide to go this route you might ask for suggestions and help, it can seem pretty daunting (at least it was for me).

Once you get your blog setup, and if you have blogger, you will probably want to setup a Blogrolling account to make adding blogs to your sidebar easier. You will also want to get a feed reader so you can be updated on your favorite blogs regularly, trust me this is important. I would suggest Bloglines because you can download a notifier for your taskbar so it will tell you when your friends blog has a new post. You can blog without having a feed reader but if you have a hard enough time keeping track of your life as it is trust me you want this. Flickr is an important account to have, in my humble opinion, because it’s very user friendly uploading pictures and posting pictures. I just recently found and it seems to be a handy tool. All you do is when you see a post you like on another blog you can save it to the account to look at later. You also might want to sign up with Blogexplosion or Blogmad to get traffic to your site but I don’t use them much because if I did I’d have no free time of my own anymore and there are such things as work and a life.

A couple last suggestions, if you really want to blog make sure to respond to comments you get and visit other blogs and comment there too. Nobody will come back if they post and are ignored entirely, trust me. Whatever email program you use make sure you either check it often or have a way to get notified right away when someone comments on your blog. This is precisely why I use gmail because it has a notifier so I see right away when someone responds. I’m pretty sure yahoo and other emails have similar features, but make sure to use them. But seriously, if you are going to join the blogging world, just dive in and post as often as you can.

Keep in mind:

  1. Pick a good name for your blog because you’ll probably be stuck with it. I kind of wish I’d picked something else, I had no idea how often musings was used in the blogworld. Pick something that stands out and really fits you.
  2. Pick a place to start your blog and make it nice and pretty.
  3. Post often, at least a few times a week or people will forget to visit.
  4. Get a good blogroll going, visit your friends as often as you can, comment on blogs and get your feed going.
  5. Keep on top of it, have a way to be notified whenever someone comments to your blog so you can respond (which you should).
  6. Pick something to go with (name and place) and keep using it so people can remember you.

Sites you probably should sign up for:

I feel like I’ve exhausted this subject, I hope I made a little bit of sense.


  1. Robin

    April 22, 2006 at 4:05 pm

    It’s definitely stuff I’ve learned over time. I have a buddy who wants to get into it but it takes more than just starting a blog…a lot more. It becomes basically a full time/part time hobby.

  2. Kentucky Girl

    April 23, 2006 at 6:06 am

    Gosh. This was a great post! I need to sign up with bloglines. I hardly have time to visit blogs anymore…so damn busy!

  3. Robin

    April 23, 2006 at 8:32 am

    One of the really good things about my ADD is I”m always trying to find shortcuts in everything I do so I can do things faster so I can fit more in 😆

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