Just stuff and pointless babble

First and foremost I want to direct you to some new stuff on my blog. There is now a FAQ (Ask Me Anything) section thanks again (as always) to Heather. It’s brand new and hopefully will get fixed up so it looks nice. You can ask me anything (as the title so cleverly states) so give me what you got! I also added a feedburner link at the top, I’m still learning about the whole feedburner thing but it seemed like a good idea.

While I will have Monday off, all the extra time off seems to be needed lately, I won’t be resting all that much this weekend. Saturday is usually “my day” so I’ll fill it up with coffee w/KK, maybe shopping (I shouldn’t though), getting some exercise and a little cleaning. Sunday the family is picking up a couple pieces of furniture, which means we need to take it apart before they get here…I’ll just be happy to get these things out of here. Monday I have good ol therapy and a meeting with a mortgage loan woman (what is the appropriate title anyway?), which could be great or disheartening. Oh yeah and as always there is laundry (laundramat) and grocery shopping. Oh the life of an adult is so much fun.

Still, I’m going to find some beauty in the weekend. Maybe I’ll go for a few walks and take some pictures or just listen to my MP3 player.

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