Not such a tough girl afterall

I’m referring to Aurora since she always acts so tough but she’ll run the other direction if someone sneezes.

Well every morning she always waits impatiently outside the bathroom door waiting for my shower to finish.  She’ll whine until I let her in and within minutes she’s bored and will leave.  She does this almost every single morning like clockwork, Kevin forbid there is something potentially interesting going on on the other side of a door.

Well this morning she came in before I started my shower already curious about what I was doing behind the closed door.  Well I put her up on the window sill because the window was open and I thought she might like to watch the birdies. 

Minutes later I turned the shower on and I swear her eyes popped right out of her little head.  I could see fear swelling up inside her and an immense panic of what to do next.  She started turning from side to side trying to figure out where exactly the horrifying noise was coming from.  Then she leaped off the window sill and bolted for the door only to slide into it and close it on her.  Next thing I know she’s scrambling (have you ever seen a cat scramble?) to try to open this door.  She’s rolling around on the ground trying to pull open the door with her paws and basically spinning in circles.

She then ran back to the window sill (I suppose it seemed as good of a place as any) only to keep pacing and having what seemed to be a cat anxiety attack.  She bolted again for the door only to again roll around on the floor desperately trying to get the door open.

I then opened it for her and she ran for her life.  I suppose I’m a mean mommy since I watched all of this play out but it was the funniest fucking thing I’d seen in ages.  The only thing funnier was when she was a furbaby and saw herself in a mirror for the first time 😆


  1. heather(anne)

    April 14, 2006 at 10:40 pm

    They can be very entertaining! 😆

  2. Robin

    April 15, 2006 at 11:13 pm

    I think she just want’s attention… and she is in Spring Kitty Heat?

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