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5 Thoughts on “My dilemma

  1. I hear it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. And there’s some mumbo jumbo about retraining your brain with thoughts like, “Workouts make me feel good” and “This is for me and it’s important.”

    Hasn’t worked for me either.

    Though I have gotten through two days without soda. They say the first three are the hardest….

  2. I don’t remember soda being hard for me but I have cut way back on bagels. I don’t mind working out…I just don’t have any energy when I get back from work. I think I may go quit Curves today but I feel so pathetic.

    Ugh…just one of those pitty party days.

  3. That’s the story of my life. Finally in the past week I’ve been getting on my treadmill. My sister in law teaches pilates and has her own studio. I’ve been doing pilates every friday for the past year. It’s the only exercise I’ve found that I like. We don’t do mat pilates, we use the reformer. I actually like it so much I’m looking for a home reformer. I’m hoping to keep this new found motivation with the treadmill.

    I’ve heard that about the 21 days thing too.

  4. There are 2 things I”ve found I really do like. I like the Carmen Electra strip tease videos and I like belly dancing. I have videos for both of that and I have a treadmill.

    I was going to Curves pretty religiously for about 2 months.

  5. My husband is an exercise fiend, biking and/or playing tennis nearly every day. It’s good when it motivates me, but often I feel so lame in comparison, even when I am exercising, because what I do will always seem piddly. It’s very frustrating. Here’s what I’ve been doing, and it usually works. Three days/week: Cardioglide (or whatever exercise machine) 15-20 minutes. Three other days/week: toning exercises (yoga, Pilates, weight training, some other workout video. I designed mine based on a mixture of some yoga/Pilates exercises I know and excercises/fitness info mentioned in Ladies Home Journal online http://lhj.com/lhj/category.jhtml?categoryid=/templatedata/lhj/category/data/c_292.xml).
    On Sundays I go for a hike. It’s hard to make myself do that sometimes, which is why I take my camera and use it as photo shoot time to beef up my photoblog. I think the variety keeps me moving. Doing the same thing every day would get boring.

    Hope this helps! Good luck.

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