Pre-approval roadblock

If you didn’t know already we’re trying to get pre-approved so we can buy a house. As far as I knew the pre-approval was the easy part but such hasn’t been the case for us.

So we got a lot of stuff figured out from the last time we tried to get pre-approved and of course now there is another roadblock. I decided to go with a different place to get the pre-approval and she called me yesterday to check on a few things that came up on Erik’s credit report.

Other than a few minor gliches the weird part was it says he has some sort of mark against him by a group called First Select Inc. When I looked them up I found out it was a credit card but Erik never had a credit card by this company. To be honest I’m not sure he’s ever had a credit card at all.  When I met him he didn’t even have bad credit, he had no credit. 

It shows that the issue with the card was back in 2002. It’s very strange. It could be some confusion with his father (they have the same name) but isn’t that was social security numbers are for?

The weirdest part is this is what I found on this “company”: First Select Corp

His father is away on vacation right now so we may have to wait to be able to fix this. I still think the whole thing seems really bizarre.

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