Between the handshake and the fuck

  • That’s from the Foo Fighters song “My Poor Brain” and I don’t know it seemed as good as any other title.
  • I feel really strange this morning, really dizzy and a bit of a headache.
  • The bachelorette party is this weekend, I’m just going to go into it as myself and make sure Phat Tony (nickname for the bride) has a really good time.
  • Today I get a much needed haircut, my bangs in particular are just sad. There is a nice, somewhat pricey, hair salon right across the street. I’ve been there once and try to only use it every once and a while.
  • I’ve always had this urge to move away, to the other side of the country or to another country all together. I still think about that pretty often but if it ever happens it would be many years away.
  • I’m so thankful to have taken off Monday so I have some time to regroup, I really REALLY need it.
  • If you stop by today please stop and say hi, I’m starting to feel like a loner in the blog world as well as the real world 🙁 (yes I’m pathetic).
  • I can’t get the Brokeback Mountain theme song out of my head, that’s not really a bad thing.
  • I’ve learned that I looooooove tomato bisque! 😛
  • Oh and I now have a Guestbook for this blog so if you visit this place I’d love for you to leave a nice comment 😀

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