I think the title for this one is lame but putting Top 5 Songs That Turn Me On or Top 5 Songs That I Like to Have Sex to seemed a little off so I went with a basic (albeit lame) title. So whatever you think this means, that’s what it is. No poles were damaged in the research of this post ;)

5. Darling Nikki by Foo Fighters
4. Got you (Where I Want You) by The Flys
3. Mouth by Bush
2. Stinkfist by Tool – the actual meaning of the song is not what is sexy but how he sings it
1. Closer by NIN – obvious maybe but so fucking sexy

  • http://dsmoya31410.blogspot.com/ Leesa

    Two that I find sexy to dance to:
    “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira
    The Jeanie song by that blond bimbo (Aguilera).

  • http://poisoninmae.blogspot.com stephanie

    At this moment i woud have to day My humps Black eyed peas!!

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    Just to clarify…by sexy I mean songs that make you want to have sex or to have sex to.

  • http://www.saidshe.net Crystal

    Mouth is definitely up there on my list, along with a Jimi Hendrix CD my ex had, Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”, Tragically Hip’s “Lake Fever” and for some strange reason techno really gets me going. Must be the beat.

  • http://all-night.org B

    I’d have to agree with “Closer” by NIN. Going out on a limb here but “Come A Little Closer” (country) by Dierks Bentley makes me want to get it on as well. Talk about polar opposites as far as songs go.

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    The beat is key.

  • http://www.saidshe.net Crystal

    Yeah, I’m listening to some happy hardcore mix of the Tetris theme at the moment and I can totally imagine sex with it as background music.

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    Tetris? As in the game? :lol: Kinky. Well, I have stripped or had sex to all those songs :P

  • http://www.justanotherman.blogspot.com NotCarrie

    Dave Grohl is so effing hott!

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    NotCarrie will you be my best friend? I loooooove him. My boyfriend met him like 20 years ago before Nirvana…that was one of the first things that attracted me to Erik :D

  • http://www.justanotherman.blogspot.com NotCarrie

    BFF! haha!

    I’m jealous he met him! I haven’t met him but I have 2 drumsticks he (and Taylor) played with. I love him because he is also hilarious.

  • http://fragilemusings.net Robin

    Yeah Dave was in a punk band called Scream and Erik was in a punk band called Grin I believe. They shook hands back stage and to add to the humor of this he serenaded me Everlong on the guitar on our first date…he owes Dave a lot ;) I’m jealous about the drumsticks…Dave is one of the sexiest men ever because he’s good looking, funny, talented and I’ve heard he’s an awesome guy.

  • Not telling

    Hey. i think this blog is awesome. But seriously wat is up with the angelia jolie thing. eww slut. lol
    well love the blog

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