And the blog goes on

It’s been crazy, I’ve said that already haven’t I?  Seriously, I don’t even seem to have time to process a real thought of my own.  I come home and zone out every single night.  I miss writing real posts and I hope I can find a little more time to do some actually writing again. 

This life I’m living right now, even though I know I’m SO lucky, is wearing thin on me quickly.  I drive an hour to work in traffic, my head spins on and off for 4 hours, I take a lunch where I zone out, my head spins another 4 hours, I drive home another hour in traffic, sometimes I go to Curves, I veg in from on the tv for a few hours and then crash.  I miss my friends, I miss DOING things and I really don’t do much of anything anymore.  This weekend I’m going to DO something even if it’s going to the movies or bowling or taking a long walk. 

Aside from that, I made a proposition to Erik the other day (no nothing dirty like that).  I suggested the idea of him being a contributor to my blog from time to time.  He’s a brilliant writer, even if sometimes a bit obscure, but I will ask him to be a little more straightforward with his writing.  Not that I don’t like his style but it wouldn’t quite fit the vibe of my blog.  I’m excited to see what he does and hope he too has the time to write something up.
So there…something to look forward to on here 😀


  1. Gary

    March 24, 2006 at 10:39 am

    Have a really really nice weekend and do something fun. That’s an order!

    I thing it would be great for Eric to post. I agree about obscure posting. If a blog is really good, I indulge a certain amount of obscurity, but it’s not my favorite kind of post. Straightforward, personal and funny, or straightforward, personal and touching. Those are my favorites. You have lots of those and that’s why I like your blog. keep up the good work.

  2. Robin

    March 24, 2006 at 10:42 am

    Thanks so much Gary!

    I will tell Erik that…I hope I can get him to write something this weekend.

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