Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Erik

1. He’s got curly hair but keeps it really short, which I like best.
2. He used to have very long hair years ago and wore it in braids sometimes.
3. He used to be in punk bands in the 80’s.
4. He can play the guitar, bass and drums.
5. He’s a Luthier which means he can build and repair string instruments.
6. He’s my best friend’s brother-in-law.
7. He has the kindest warm brown eyes in the world.
8. He’s funnier than most people realize and makes me laugh every day.
9. He loves all kinds of cartoons.
10. He wears bracelets, some people think it’s weird but I like it.
11. He LOVES cheese.
12. He’s an amazing artist (painting, drawing, crafts, music and writing).
13. He’s the kindest person you will ever meet and can sometimes be a doormat.

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11 Thoughts on “Thirteen things about my man

  1. That’s so cool, I hope he gets to read it!

  2. I like to let him find these things by accident 😉

  3. He sounds like a great catch! Brown eyes, must be the brown eyes. 😉

    Cute kitty pic! I’m all warm & fuzzy!

  4. sweet list. thanks for stopping by!

  5. thanks for visiting my T13!

    I like your list, very sweet! 🙂

    Take Care
    Ivoryfrog x

  6. What a great TT. I love the list. Thanks for visiting mine. Whew! I almost didn’t find where the comment link was in here, lol. 🙂

  7. Love the nice, but not the doormat. I know people like that. Why do people have to try to take advantage of people like that?

    Sounds like quite the catch. Lucky you!

  8. SQ – He’s less of a doormat now, but it’s gotten him into a lot of shit over the years. I don’t know why people take advantage of that kind of thing…something tells me people look for doormats to take advantage of.

    Yes I am lucky…thanks.

    Thanks everyone for a lovely TT!

  9. He sounds like a great person to have in the family. “Luthier”: good word to know.

  10. wow a luthier, I’m duly impressed

    reminds me of a fantasy novel, now out of print, called Gossamer Axe

    and my hubby had LONG hair

    my 13 are up

  11. Awww! Sweet list. What a wonderful tribute to your “man”! I love lists like this!

    My 13 are up!

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