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6 Thoughts on “Cue the music

  1. I share you exact same sentiments about Crash! Not saying Brokeback Mountain should’ve won (not released in South Africa yet) but it seems like the Academy tried to patch the movie up by giving it director, score and screenplay awards and stealing its best picture award. That is just my view of course :p

  2. Well put JuCa well put.

  3. After watching more films that don’t make it to the Oscars because they are too small in budget or exposure or not from this country, I’ve learned never to try to guess who will win because my favourites are rarely in the list anyway. If it puts your mind at ease, I thought that Rachel Weiss was wonderful in Constant Gardener. Then again, my credibility may be compromised because I liked Crash more than Brokeback Mountain…

  4. Of course I agree with all of your statements. Although I saw it coming, I think the whole thing had to do with the politics of Hollywood, and that just pisses me off!
    Think back to Philadelphia. Also, give the damn race card a rest! It doesn’t always make a good movie kids… SNORE. Didn’t anyone see Colors?

  5. The Oscars aren’t the standard for good movies, if I hear one more person bragging about a movie ‘cos it got an Oscar I am gonna flip. Some deserve it, no doubt, but the biggert part of good movie just gets ignored cos it isn’t Oscar material (ie, it isnt about retards,underdogs, social conflicts). Now the MTV Movie Awards, that is my measuring tool :p

  6. JuCa – you are absolutely right, the Oscars in the end really don’t make one movie better than another. For me though I hope for certain actors or movies to get Oscars because I know how much it means to the actors/writers/directors/producers that put their heart and soul into it. To this industry getting an Oscar is the highest achievement.

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