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5 Thoughts on “Oscars going for Brokeback

  1. I seriously wonder how they come up with these lists because none of those movies would be something I would generally watch much less actually want to see. Where’s the good comedies and action films?

  2. Well to be fair the Oscars aren’t about what movie was popular but what movies were the most well done as far as directing, screenplay, acting, etc.

  3. I haven’t seen any of them, but I think Brokeback Mountain is probably going to get the most.

  4. BBM is gonna rule the Oscar this year, I can feel it. Though I’m also hoping Munich will bagged 1 or 2 awards…

    And I’m so stoked for the awards – Jake in tux *drool* who can’t resist the charming Jake? 😛

  5. Yeah I have to admit seeing Jake in a tux is a huge draw to watching it…that and John Stewart hosting.

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