Oatmeal, whole grain and smoothies

Those 3 things are a big part of my daily life now. I never knew I’d like oatmeal so much and hey it’s even good with just milk and berries. I’m perfectly happy switching to whole grain and it definitely fills me up more. I think an important key is eating things that don’t leave room for wanting more, it makes it so much easier to eat healthy portions. Smoothies are easy and so good for you, just make sure to add some Whey Protein to it for that extra energy.

I can feel a difference already, I feel more satisfied and I can tell when I eat the healthier foods I feel better. If I eat something loaded with starches or sugars I feel like crap so now I look forward to feeling good. I guess it’s all about just learning what you body wants and needs.

Notice the progress (1st goal):

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