Penis vs. Breasts

One of the ever so interesting conversations with this guy friend of mine I’ve known for years. We’ve always had really interesting conversations over email or im.

Guy friend: Women never cease to amaze me!
Me: Yeah being a woman is strange…you couldn’t handle it 😛
Guy friend: And yet I can handle women… figure that one out!
Me: Being a woman and handling a woman are very different things.
Guy friend: I think I’m partial to handling a woman… no periods, no child berth, we get to have the coolest appendage ever (a penis), we’re stronger, it’s a pretty sweet deal really.
Me: Yeah but it’s probably a little more interesting being a woman. You get more of a variety of clothes and hair and get makeup and all different kinds of shoes. You get to create life inside of you and you get to have breasts…which I think are even more fun than a penis because it causes you less grief than a penis does to a man. I can’t imagine dealing with erection as a kid…especially when in public.
Guy friend: OK, you may have a point with the breasts thing. But from what I hear they are more of a nuisance than anything else. They hurt when you run, it hurts to sleep on them, they get sensitive. A penis pretty much only comes out when you want it to (Actually, that’s the one sometimes-annoying thing… you wish you had complete control over the thing and sometimes it’s over-aggressive, sometimes not aggressive enough). Getting erections as a kid isn’t that bad. I don’t think I ever had one of the dreaded embarrassing erections in public. As a kid you’re usually wearing jeans, which kind of hides it. As for carrying a baby around for 9 months, not being able to drink or smoke, having morning sickness, etc… I’ll pass. Pass on the hair and makeup and clothes too, I can roll out of bed, jump in the shower for 5 minutes and I’m good to go any day of the week. Guys rule!! 😛
Me: You have a point on it being easier to be a guy but I think it’s much more interesting to be a woman. You guys definitely have it easier.
Guy friend: I’ll take easy over interesting any day! 😛
Me: Makes sense…you’re a guy 😀
Guy friend: That’s right, I’m all man! 😉


  1. Gary

    February 23, 2006 at 11:17 am

    I didn’t realize it causes a woman pain when she sleeps on her breasts. I know it’s never caused ME any pain when I’ve slept on a woman’s breasts.

  2. J.D.

    February 23, 2006 at 1:44 pm

    LOL. That whole conversation was the funniest thing I’ve read/heard all day! I will dare to say it made my day, lol.

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