You have been given 3 parachutes, but there are 4 people who need them. Who will you not give one to: Corey Haim, Kirk Cameron, Fred Savage or Ricky Schroeder?

Do not forget, they are really really high up and they need the parachute to save them.

  • Jennifer

    Kirk Cameron will be going down without a parachute. He’s going to heaven anyway, right?

  • duane

    If Kirk Cameron were on a plane, edge of a cliff, on the top of a building, ANYWHERE where he could fall to his death; I would not only NOT give him the parachute, I would push him. He is a right winged conservative homophobic bigot, and there isn’t any part of me that wants to save someone that wants me to go to hell so badly.

  • Robin

    I’m with Kirk as well…he’s always annoyed me…even more so now.

  • Chatty

    Corey – he won’t feel the impact because of the drug induced stupor he’d be in!

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