Through I just found out that a guy I knew at one time in my life got married and had a kid. I honestly thought he was gay and so did my friends.

He was kind of a transition guy for me at a point in college. He helped me get out of a relationship I didn’t want to be in and introduced me to my next pretty serious boyfriend (whom is also now married with a kid).

Well I really do wish him all the happiness and while it’s hard to imagine him as a father I’m sure he’ll be great.

  • duane

    First of all… gay guys make great dads… so just because he is gay, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a father (but I know you knew that… and weren’t meaning it in any offensive way, so this isn’t an attack… just a friendly reminder =o)

    Also, maybe he still is gay, and they have an arrangement. I know of at least one couple that are like that, and they are still together after like 20 years. I am 100% sure he is gay. Seriously.

  • Robin

    I should have been more clear…the way he was back then…makes me unable to view him as a father. He’s a nice guy but was a big time player and very immature but then again this was years ago.
    maybe it is an arraangement…who knows? Either way i do hope he’s happy.

  • Gary

    Another possibility is he’s still gay but wants the benefits of a non-gay life, and his wife may not know it. I’ve seen that happen. I guess if she never finds out, it could turn out to be a happy marriage.

  • Robin

    Many possibilities…

  • Gry

    I’ve been sort of looking for some of my old class mates, but they’re from Sweden and I’ve never found any of them on Myspace.

  • Robin

    I’ve looked around too, haven’t found many.

  • Gry

    It’s really annoying too because I do get a few hits from Sweden and I’m sure SOME of those are people that know me (paranoid much? heh), but I never get any mail from them. Bastards!

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