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7 Thoughts on “I guess my gaydar isn’t so good

  1. First of all… gay guys make great dads… so just because he is gay, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a father (but I know you knew that… and weren’t meaning it in any offensive way, so this isn’t an attack… just a friendly reminder =o)

    Also, maybe he still is gay, and they have an arrangement. I know of at least one couple that are like that, and they are still together after like 20 years. I am 100% sure he is gay. Seriously.

  2. I should have been more clear…the way he was back then…makes me unable to view him as a father. He’s a nice guy but was a big time player and very immature but then again this was years ago.
    maybe it is an arraangement…who knows? Either way i do hope he’s happy.

  3. Another possibility is he’s still gay but wants the benefits of a non-gay life, and his wife may not know it. I’ve seen that happen. I guess if she never finds out, it could turn out to be a happy marriage.

  4. Many possibilities…

  5. I’ve been sort of looking for some of my old class mates, but they’re from Sweden and I’ve never found any of them on Myspace.

  6. I’ve looked around too, haven’t found many.

  7. It’s really annoying too because I do get a few hits from Sweden and I’m sure SOME of those are people that know me (paranoid much? heh), but I never get any mail from them. Bastards!

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