Getting dressed up this weekend for a semi-formal party.  I’ve got some major high healed shoes to wear and just trying them on tonight made my feet ache.  How am I suppsed to dance?

I don’t have enough time to put the energy into HNT like I would like to but I enjoy the creativity of it. I won’t be searching for HNT posts anymore but will comment on anyone who posts to mine…it may not be fair but I just don’t have the option during work hours.

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6 Thoughts on “High healed HNT

  1. Happy HNT to you!

  2. Is that all you are wearing?

  3. Is that all you are wearing?

  4. Is that all you are wearing?

  5. Nice shoes. Nice feet. Looks like they were made for dancing.

  6. I might wear a dress as well…thinking about it 😉

    Yes my feet were definitely made for dancing.

  7. Beautiful shot, Sugar! Nice HNT!

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