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6 Thoughts on “Don’t call me honey

  1. You should pull a “dane cook” on him, and follow his honey up with, “gaylord”. See where that gets ya!

  2. gah… my new teacher calls everyone honey and deary. I feel like I’m paying $11k to get a 3rd grandmother.

  3. lol… my customers calls me “love”, “darl”, and every other loving expression that you can think of, although not many in a condescending tone. it does sucks when it makes you want to hit them in the head, but you can’t because of, oh, professionalism…

  4. Gaylord 😆

    Professionalism shmessionalism 😛

  5. Heh, my boss calls me “darlin”, sometimes it drives me insane because he thinks I’m one of his kids at times. I’ve also been called “honey”, “sweety” and “doll” ….hate em all. The one that irks me the most is “sweety” though, dunno why but it just rakes my nerves.

  6. It was the tone she used though…condescending.

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