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11 Thoughts on “Beware of new STD

  1. Charred on February 1, 2006 at 9:55 am said:

    Pffft…enough of the lame “dubya” jokes already. Find some original content, instead of bleating the same thing as the rest of the sheep.

  2. two other main symptoms that are probably the worst, are bigotry and racism.

    Sounds like Charred may have some of those symptoms?!

  3. Charred is just Jealous because he isn’t on the computer chatting with hot babes all day…

  4. LUCKY!!!!!

  5. Charred on February 1, 2006 at 11:30 am said:


  6. Hey I find something funny I want to share I post it. If I catered to everyone else what would be the point? If you don’t like what I do then don’t come here.

  7. Charred on February 1, 2006 at 1:08 pm said:

    Just a wee bit sensitive for someone who asked for smacks on I Talk Too Much, aren’tcha? 😉

  8. Well I’m safe! Thankfully this STD can only be contracted once, and the whole fucking country caught it during the ’04 elections 😉

  9. Charred you cought me on a bad day, very bad day. Normally I would have let it go and now I will. Thanks for your comments.

    Crystal – luckily I didn’t catch it either.

  10. Charred on February 1, 2006 at 2:00 pm said:

    We’re all grumpy sometimes.

    No blood, no foul.


  11. I thought it was funny….and I uhm….voted for him in 2000 & 2004. lol

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