Dare to love

When love is exciting and daring like in Love Me if You Dare your heart races and you find yourself along for the ride. At the age of 8 Julien and Sophie start a game with a toy carousel and with it they dare each other. Over the years the game complicates when feelings change and love comes into play.

The most fascinating part of this movie is the visual aspect with dream-like sequences and dramatic colors. The beauty of the film really portrays the feeling of passion with the characters.

Julien and Sophie are still the best part of the film. They have this undying connection that years, distance and dares can’t seem to change. Still the game they started as children became more dangerous over time and it began to tear them apart instead of bringing them together as it always had.

I definitely suggest this movie for a night in but you should know it is a French film with subtitles. This is a movie filled with passion, beauty and excitement.

4 Stars

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