A somewhat new love of mine is the Brittish sitcom Coupling. I’ve been catching up on old episodes with Netflix and new episodes through On Demand. I hate to compare but there are so many similarities to my favorite show Friends. There are 3 girls and 3 boys. There is one stable relationship (like Monica and Chandler) and one turbulant relationship (Rachel and Ross). The distinct difference between Coupling and Friends is that well Coupling is about couples not friends. Duh. However the thing that stands out with this Friends-like show is that it’s more R rated than PG-13. They openly talk about sex, sex organs and everything else. I still can’t believe I heard the word clitoris on a sitcom that wasn’t on HBO.

As you can imagine I’m worked up about the turbulant relationship of Sally and Patrick. Patrick is the very typical guy who can’t commit and loves seeing as many women as possible. Sally is the typical neurotic woman who just can’t seem to relax and has a need to control everything. I didn’t see them ever getting involved but it happened and there was great chemistry. Sally of course is still freaking out as always but over Patrick now while Patrick is trying to evolve into the boyfriend type.

Steve: Look, it is not physically possible for a man to know what a woman wants. Which is very unfair. Because you always know what we want.
Patrick: Yeah, because we always have the common decency to only ever want one thing. And do you ever thank us for making it so simple? Never.

I’m still disappointed that the character Jeff has up and left the show and furthermore uncomfortable replacement Oliver. While Jeff was quirky, Oliver is just plain awkward to watch. The show has lost a lot of what it had and after watching the most recent episode I wonder where they can go from Susan and Steve having a baby and a dream sequence of Jeff as a woman. The show still has some great writing so I will continue to watch for now.

I’m so glad Friends never made such poor choices, I wonder if Coupling will last as long.

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