A moody renter

I have a new renter everyone! Excited? Yeah 😛 Well the new renter goes by Ordinarily Moody, which immediately caught my attention. Now normally I avoid “mommy blogs” but this is certainly not the typical mommy blog. I like how she writes and she says […]

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I heard a ‘Rumor’

Did you hear the rumor that The Graduate is based on a true story? Well that’s what the movie Rumor Has It is about and while it’s not entirely clear where the story is initially going it’s eventually does get predictable. Still it was fun […]

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A heartbreaking love story

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain and I fell in love with the couple Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger). One thing I heard a lot from those who saw the movie was how breathtaking the scenary was and they were right. The physical beauty […]

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