My ‘Gilmore’ man

I watched Gilmore Girls on and off for years but never have I really been a loyal fan, not like I was loyal to Friends or Six Feet Under but whenever I saw it on I got hooked.

Now with beautiful DVR I’ve been catching up on old episodes I never saw, most of the first few seasons.
At first my boyfriend teased me about the show. Every time he saw me watching it he’d comment with “are they all on speed” because the dialogue moves very quickly and then sometimes he’d come in with “come on, you must notice they all talk like they are on speed.” Of course I noticed how quickly the conversations flow but then again I think that is one of the charms about the show.

After a while I noticed he was saying less and less. Pretty soon he was watching more and more. Then one day we had this conversation (paraphrased of course):

Him: (in reference to Laurelai talking to another guy) I thought she liked Luke.
Me: She does like Luke.
Him: Then why is she with that guy.
Me: Because she doesn’t know she likes Luke yet.
Him: Obviously Luke likes her.
Me: Yes, of course.
Him: Well he should do something about it. They belong together.

That was when I knew he was hooked and well I guess I was hooked for good. This is exactly why we get along so well, he’s a big ol sap like me.

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