I love the gym

I really do love going to the gym but there is one thing that keeps me from the gym. It’s the fact that I work 40 hours a week and travel 10 hours a week.

I could leave early in the morning but the last few times I’ve done that the traffic was so bad I only had 20 minutes to workout by the time I got there. Besides when it’s cold like this it’s a lot harder to drag yourself out of bed. Also it’s pitch black for most of my drive to work.

I used to workout after work but getting home after 7 instead of about 6 makes for a very short night and a very hungry girl. Also by the time my workday is over all I want to do is slip into some pjs and spend some time with my boyfriend. All in all my energy is gone for that day.

I also tried working out during my lunch but my lunchtime is when I like to catch up on some blogging and get other things done. Also I only get an hour for lunch, which equals about 30 minutes of a workout since I have to change into workout clothes and then take a shower afterward.

So I decided it might make more sense to use the small gym near my house since I could utilize that on the weekends possibly even while I’m doing my laundry. I could also probably find a little more motivation to go there on the weekday knowing that I’m nice and close to home.

For now I’m doing the right thing and getting up early to hit the gym before work, I did today and I feel fantastic. I’m going to keep pushing myself to get to the gym in the early morning while I still have this membership. I really feel getting regular workouts three or more times a week is the best thing you can do for your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

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