A Sigh of Relief

Sock FeetAt least for me, the craziness of the holidays is over. I hate that going to a holiday party for me is so stressful. I get so anxious and nervous that I can barely enjoy myself…unless I have a few glasses of wine 😉 I just get overwhelmed so quickly with lots of people in one place but still it was so nice to spend time with my suto family. Mind you all the family we were with was somehow related to my boyfriend but they’ve included me in this party since before him.

Now I need to decide will today be all about chores (major dishes and laundry to do) or do I put some stuff off a bit. I’ll probably end up doing laundry…I hate starting the week with not enough clothes. For that matter I’m sure I’ll do the dishes as well. Everyday I seem to become more and more the housewife here since my boyfriend has so little free time with his work and his daughter.

At least I’m up early to make the most of the day.

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