Beware of Movies Your Children See

Movie scenes that have traumatized me for life:

  • Critters – ok it wasn’t a scene but the entire movie. My parents let me watch the movie right before going off to sleepaway camp. You can only imagine how petrified I was to sleep in the woods.
  • Stand By Me – The pie eating scene, I still cannot watch it. Everyone throwing up on each other gives me chills to this day. Also the leaches scene, I don’t swim in lakes anymore.
  • The Accused – I’m sure my parents didn’t realize how graphic the scene in the end would be and the fact a gang rape scene would give a teenager nightmares for weeks to follow.
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    1. Steve Bremner

      December 18, 2005 at 12:06 pm

      I think you got off lighter than I.

      My parents (mostly my dad) allowed/encouraged me to read Stephen King at a young age–I completed my first 300 page novel at the age of ten, and I may not have had the nightmares you did, but I definitely see how it warped me and desensitized me to things that children should not be exposed to.

      I don’t have children yet, but I guarantee you I’m going to be smarter about what I allow them to be exposed to.

      Thanks for the post.

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