My Favorite Holiday

And now the answer to the Holiday Robin Poll:

My favorite holiday is Valentines Day 😀

Automatically Christmas and Easter are tossed out since I am Jewish and Scrooge. In theory I like the idea of Halloween but I just never seem to get into it…there isn’t a whole lot to do for the holiday as an adult. So of course what is left is Valentines Day.

I am a hopeless romantic and luckily the day my boyfriend and I became a couple was Valentines Day so the day is now even more special than before. I’ve always done something for V-Day whether it be romantic or unorthodox. One year I, when I was single, I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show and another year I went out clubbing with girlfriends.

In high school a boyfriend put a teddy bear and a balloon in my locker for me to find in the morning. For many years before Erik I didn’t have a Valentines or at least not a romantic one with a guy. So now I really celebrate it and enjoy it. I put fake red roses all around the house and even have a red rose reath for the front door.

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