Visiting Your Past?

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Have you ever considered a visit to your past?

I’ve been thinking about going to see the house I lived in during my early
years (1 – 11) and I wonder how intense the experience would be. I haven’t
driven through the old neighborhood in many years so I’m sure it will bring
some kind of emotions.

See in my earlier years I grew up in a town very different than the town my
family currently resides in. It was more of a low-income town and because
of that for those years I went to private school about a ½ hour away.

Why am I afraid to go? Maybe because I’m afraid of how bad the town looks,
I’d heard that it’s had some tough times over the years. The main reason
we left was because of the violence. I once saw a guy with a gun in the
park and twice we had bikes stolen from our backyard. Or maybe I’m just
not prepared for it to bring back a flood of memories and just overwhelm me
with emotions.

I had a friend through most of those years and we tried to keep in contact
after I moved but our lives just went in different directions. I remember
her calling me freshman year of high school talking all about sex and
stuff. Being as naïve as I was I had nothing to offer the conversation.
She then called me freshman year of college in my dorm and told me she just
had a baby. She told me the guy was a drug dealer and an alcoholic.
Needless to say that was the last time we talked. At that moment I was on
my way to a frat party, our worlds were miles apart in more ways than one.
I still think about her from time to time and hope she’s doing well.

So I think when the weather gets a little better I will go visit my old
house. It was a beautiful house and we had wonderful neighbors. I had the
best room; it was big with deep windows you could sit in. We also had an
apple tree and a cherry tree. There was the very best bagel store in
downtown and a pizza truck (like an ice cream truck) that we got the most
delicious pizza from at night.

So, have you ever visited your past?

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