Give Me Your Blogging Wisdom

Ok it’s been pointed out to me that my listed categories may not only be more than I need but rather confusing. I had actually been thinking about it lately to make them clearer and simpler. I like simple, I hate going to blogs that have too much stuff. One of the reasons I wanted to go with wordpress so much was to have the categories option and maybe I went a little haywire.

Here is a list of what I think would be good (some were just changed):

Rambling – my thoughts, ideas and basically the majority of what I do here.
Quotes – I’ve been posting quotes everyday for as long as I’ve been blogging.
Furbabies – When I post pictures or pots about my furbabies…they deserve a category of their own.
Writing – I like to do writing prompts every week and sometimes poetry but is it necessary to have a category?
Chuckles (previously Funny) – jokes mainly, silly stuff that usually isn’t my own writing or thoughts.
Memories – This was a recently added category because every once and a while I take a trip down memory lane but maybe it doesn’t need it’s own category.
New England – I think from time to time I blog about where I am from but maybe not enough.
My Fragile Self – Maybe I could use a special category when it’s specifically about myself but I guess maybe it’s always about me.
Frustration (rants) – When I’m angry, maybe not necessary.
Spirituality (previously inspiration) – Sometimes I like to post Buddhist thoughts and quotes.
Romance (love) – I often babble on about my boyfriend and all different thoughts I have on love.
Entertainment (a&e) – I talk about movies and tv a lot but does it need a category?
Wellbeing (health) – On occasion I talk about this.
HNT – I’ve been doing it every week so maybe it should have a category.

I would love anyone’s help here. What categories do you think could be combined? Should there be more helpful names? Give me your wisdom.


  1. Anna Banana

    December 14, 2005 at 1:26 pm

    Keep HNT and furbabies, I like the a&e and inspriation (now spirituality), you always need a category about yourself… and so on. Keep them all. You should see how many categories I have. I just choose not to display them on my page. it would take up way too much space.

  2. Robin

    December 14, 2005 at 1:35 pm

    Thanks for the advice, as you can see I’m working on it but to really change it up I will have to move a lot of things manually which is a pain in the butt.

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