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4 Thoughts on “Gift Giving

  1. I hear ya about the “order is ready to be shipped out” dealy. Drives me up the wall especially when you want it for someone for christmas. I learned that one last year as well and have since gotten my online stuff a wee bit earlier just because of that. I’m just about done too, just a few more things around here I need to get and it’s all done. 🙂

  2. You know I told myself last year I’d do the shopping much earlier but with my procrastination it didn’t happen. Hopefully we’ll get our stuff on time this year.

  3. you should make your own stuff with cafe press! I think that I am going to do that and sell it from my site… who wants a tee shirt with my mug on it!?!

  4. 😆 I could probably make funny t-shirts with my kitties on it.

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