Back to the Psych Ward

You may or may not know a lot about my grandmother. She’s a horrible woman and you will just have to trust me on that so I don’t have to get into it. My grandfather died like 6 months ago and we had to move her out of her apartment in NYC.

Everyone has tried to help her and do our best despite our feelings for her but she’s just been as difficult as possible. She had finally gotten into a facility where she could be taken care of (after being in a psych hospital for a period of time) but now is going back since she stopped eating and bathing herself.

Part of me feels a little guilty but I still won’t go see her. I feel bad she lost her husband, pretty much all she had since she pushed away everyone else. I don’t feel bad where she is now in her life, I call it karma. I’m not even trying to hurt her or abandon her I just don’t have the strength to deal with her anymore.

My grandmother is a perfect example of karma people, be careful who you piss off because they might be all you have in the end.

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