Multi-tasking & ADD

For whatever reason I feel the need to multi-task during just about everything I do. For example just driving isn’t enough for me, I need some other stimuli while I sit in traffic. Sometimes music is enough but I go through periods of time where there is nothing I want to listen to. I’ve tried talk shows but they can be at times far too conservative for my stomach. Recently I found Books on CD which allow me to “read” at least 1 book a week during my 10+ hours in traffic a week and so far doing this doesn’t endanger my life like some multi-tasking that might be done while in the car.

Also ever since getting my laptop I’ll sometimes eat dinner, watch tv and use my laptop at the same time. My poor boyfriend is left trying to compete with 3 other things and usually doesn’t win. I do love to read but you really can’t do much else while you are reading and that just ends up frustrating me. To be able to actually enjoy a book without losing my attention I need a really quiet environment with no other distractions like in the bathtub or in the doctors waiting room. Sometimes if I’m in the right mood I can comfortably read a book just before bed.

My boyfriend even came up with the term TV ADD for me. When watching a program I cannot just sit through a commercial. When a commercial comes on either I go onto my laptop or I change channels (often causing me to miss part of the show). I can only imagine how frustrating that is, especially since I am the ruler of the remote control.

You know when telling your Dr. about this and they give you a funny look it’s probably not the normal thing for a person to be doing. How did I get to this place? Could it be my parents let me watch way too much television as a child or that they even allowed me to do homework in front of the tv? Ok so it wasn’t so much “allowed” as they just didn’t bother to stop me. So what’s the lesson today? Keep your kids tv watching to a minimum and find other ways to entertain them 😀

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