Stupid things I did in college

* Filled condoms up with applesauce
* Played human bowling with empty soda bottles
* Wrapped friends up in saran wrap (not as sexual as it sounds we had clothes on)
* I know someone who stole a cement ashtray from outside a building 😉
* Drank beer…then liquor…then beer. Did this a few more times in college until I finally learned my lesson
* Ran some kind of cleaner through my coffee maker to clean it and THEN made some coffee 😛
* Tried to stay up all night but ended up falling asleep a 1/2 hour before my mom came to pick me up
* On the 2nd night of college called my mom drunk at 1am
* Threw a pizza and porn night in the dorm (the combination was unappetizing)
* Mooning a video camera at a frat party (ended up on the Frat video yearbook)


  1. Crystal

    December 2, 2005 at 8:38 pm

    Allow me to add some of mine…

    * had butter fights – squeezing those little single-serving butters until the foil tops burst and the butter flew out
    * stole an “Adopt a Highway Sign”
    * was kidnapped in a frat pledge scavenger hunt
    * stole a road block
    * stole one of those blinking lights from a highway contruction barrel
    * chased a frat guy down a hallway because he’d stolen a slice of everclear-soaked orange off my cup
    * climbed out a 3rd floor window and then shimmied up onto the roof of a frat house
    * got drunk in my 10am Oriental Religion class and made out with some junior that I had the hots for
    * put saran wrap across a friend’s door while he was sleeping, then filled the 3″ space between the plastic and the door itself with popcorn
    * was the subject of a friend’s psych paper on relationships

  2. Robin

    December 3, 2005 at 7:48 am

    haha. We should put together a book…I would have had a lot of fun with you in college for sure.

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