First please take notice of the new renter over to the left. Please visit and enjoy.

Next I’d like to say what a great Saturday I had. Saturday I spent the day doing errands with my friend K which is always better than doing it alone. That evening I hosted an edition of Girls Night with my friends Vtek, Sussussudio and Princess (going by nicknames here) and we all had a great time hanging out. We didn’t get to bed until 3am!! I even cooked and everyone cleaned their plate.

My Sunday blew. I had a cold…only seemed to last 12 hours but I was miserable. Eating Chinese food helped a bit with the spicy food and of course it’s a comfort food.

Lastly I’m so GLAD I only work Monday and Tuesday…I want to spend real time with my Sprout and get some much needed R&R (Rest and Relaxation not Rachel & Ross although I might watch some episodes).

I hope you all had a great weekend and fun plans for the holidays!

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