Me today vs. college me

Hanging out with one of my college buddies Thursday night we talked a lot about the good ol college days and how different we are today.

Back in college I’d go to mainly dive bars and drank MANY Long Island Ice Teas and quite a few shots. I look back wondering why I drank so much? I think drinking usually loosened me up and gave me that extra confidence to really interract with people I think sometimes I just wanted to numb some feelings I didn’t want to deal with. I think there were even times it was purely self-destructive. Of course there were times it was just a game really…ever play beer pong?

Now when I go drinking I don’t like to go anywhere crowded and I avoid places with anyone under 25 years old. Thursday night I went to my first piano/martini bar. They had an entire martini menu. For fun my friend and I tried 8 different martinis (4 for her 4 for me). The kinds I tried were

  • Raspberry Cosmopolitan
  • Banana Breeze
  • Pineapple Martini
  • Peach Martini
  • The night was spent sitting at a table with my friend (let’s call her Sussudio) and a guy buddy of hers. It was really nice and I got nicely buzzed enough to really relax for the night. I wasn’t spending the night trying to forget anything or avoid anything. I spent the night talking and laughing and really enjoying my drinks instead of pouring them down my throat.

    I would never go back to the college way of drinking for anything 😉


    1. duane

      November 12, 2005 at 2:39 pm

      YOu learn a lot as you grow up… thank GOD. I am glad I am not in college any more, but good times were definitely had!

    2. Robin

      November 12, 2005 at 5:11 pm

      I think there are only 2 things I miss from college.

      1. having your favorite people living no more than 5 minutes from you if not right down the hall.
      2. having the only responsibility being school.

      Oh and having a faster metabolism 😉

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