Long but strange day

I went looking at cars today with my friend K and it went pretty well. Strange thing though…the place we went to it turns out my ex works there. Mind you this ex was never quite my boyfriend since we kept it really casual (or that was the intent at least at the time) but I refer to him as Mr. Big (I will explain that more another time).

Strange how some of the same feelings come back when you see people from your past. No…no loving or attraction feelings but I felt uncomfortable. Is it strange that I was in some kind of relationship with him for abou4 months and I never felt comfortable around him (well except in the bedroom really). I was always on edge worried I didn’t look good enough or that I would say something wrong.

Anyway…besides that I think I may found the perfect car for me. Since K’s husband works there they let me take it home for the night to check it out. Tonight I am on my own…it’s nice but I miss my man.


  1. Janet

    November 5, 2005 at 8:39 pm

    mr. big.. lol. that puts thoughts in my mind, girl. ;P

    I call people who i dated casually but never officially as exes too.

    they’re all the same.

    yeah, I always feel uncomfortable around exes too. I can relate!

  2. Robin

    November 5, 2005 at 8:41 pm

    Mr. Big is not a dirty term…or at least not to me. I need to post my Mr. Big Theory (from Sex and the City).

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