16 kids and counting


There are so many viewpoints on this story and mind you I also saw a documentary on them. I have to say that they have so far made it work for them prettty well although most of the kids are probably missing out a lot more on their childhood than other kids.

Is it destructive to have so many children that you have to partner up your older kids with the younger ones just to make sure each one is taken care of or is it just leaving it up to the hand of god? I guess your conclusion would probably come from what religion you are and how you see children in the great scheme of things.

I was definitely impressed how well the family made everything work but I still feel bad for the children that have so much responsibility at such a young age.

I’d like to start a poll on how many kids this family will have but this could go on forever. Oh and did you know all the kids names start with the letter J? :rolleyes:


  1. Maureen

    November 1, 2005 at 11:40 am

    My parents had 10. I was #9. Mom says we were all planned & that it had nothing to do with the fact that we are Irish Catholic. 😀 Said she & dad just loved kids & wanted a big family. It wasn’t all that unusal back then, either. At least not among the church families that we hung out with.

    Somewhere down in the last 5, mom had a couple of breakdowns. I don’t even remember what happened. Just remember a couple times when she was away & when grandma was taking care of us. I also know that mom took some kind of antidepressant, but I’m not sure what it was. She didn’t take it every day – just when she needed it. And, she was mostly perfectly fine, in all of my memories.

    Anyway – not sure if that’s why, but mom always said that my #4 sister acted as ‘Mom’ to us, almost as much as she did. Colleen used to take us to the zoo, movies, all kinds of fun stuff. And, she taught us responsibility, too – no fun stuff until we did the dishes, cleaned our rooms, etc. I have such great memories of going out ‘cruising’ in her car, when she was a teenager & in her early 20’s & we were little. I don’t think that she missed out on anything much – she really likes doing that kind of stuff & still does it with my kids, now. And, she’s married & had a child of her own, too. And, Mom was there for us, too. She drove us everywhere in our teens, attended all my school plays, gave me great advice (which I didn’t always listen to, until I got older). It was almost like having two moms.

    I think most families with older children & younger children expect the older ones to help with the younger ones. It’s part of teaching the older ones responsibility within the family.

  2. Robin

    November 1, 2005 at 11:43 am

    See again something I learn from because it’s very different from how I was raised. I probably could have used some more discipline and structure.

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