Dumb and happy

I was watching some standup by Wanda Sykes (who happens to be childfree as well) went into a piece about how years ago we all were dumb as kids. Kids these days know too much and have so much information available to them via internet or television basically.

Back in the day (I can say that it was like 15 years ago for me) I was clueless…I didn’t know a damn thing and I was fine with that. Back when I was young and my boyfriend and so on parents were dumb. What’s crazy is…everyone was basically happy.

Now kids are too informed for their own good probably and hey probably more unhappy right? Wow, how depressing am I? 😆 I guess I’m just saying there is something to be said for innocense right?

While we’re on the topic of parents/kids of today…have you noticed how overprotected they are? I never once wore a helmet or elbow guards or whatever. See, I’m fine…ok bad analogy there. I guess parents only get more protective every year because the world gets scarier every year.

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