Ever changing

You may have noticed I started a Muse Views blog but it ran dry. It’s hard enough keeping one blog going much less 2. I love writing entertainment stuff but if nobody reads it what is the point? So my thought…with some help from Oh […]

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The write way

Well at least I’ve always seen myself as a writer. I started writing pretty young with my grandfather put a pen in my hand and told me to write a poem. He was a writer as well and even wrote a play which I’ve never […]

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The price of owning a Subaru I guess

I’m having a pleasant evening at home last night when after 9:00 pm a police officer comes to my door. Robin: Hello? Police man: Are you Robin? Robin: Yes. Police man: The Robin that didn’t pay her bill at Devens Pizza? Robin: Ummm…no (I’ve never […]

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