Foo is my Fighter

I went for a brisk walk…in the rain. I felt I needed to get out and get some exercise and since I love the rain that only made it better. I came back soaked but I feel fan-fucking-tastic!

During my walk on my trail I came across what I believe was a garden snake in a puddle. I’m a little surprised I didn’t freak out, I just watched it slither away and I went back to what I was doing.

I can’t walk without music or a buddy, period. So I brought my trusty little MP3 player and the first song was “Best of You” which was a great way to start…I was pumped. Since my songs for my walk need to inspire me they also got me thinking “does anyone (even me) get the BEST of me?”

Other songs on my list MP3 list for my walk:

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
Helena by My Chemical Romance
Beverly Hills – Weezer
Taking My Life Away – Default

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