Am I ready?

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Are you motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes that require eating healthy foods and exercising more?

I am ready to make changes but not drastic changes. I am not willing to give up bagels for good or lattes or pizza or ice cream. I am ready to incorporate more healthy food into my diet though.

Do you currently have distractions in your life that may prevent you from committing to your weight-loss program?

You could say there are some distractions but we (boyfriend and I) try to leave them out of our home as much as possible. I need to not let things effect me so much and I’m actively trying to do that.

Do you truly believe that slower is better?

I’m trying to learn that but growing up I was so impatient (ok I still am) and I was all about immediate results. I think that was a big part of how unhealthy I was as a teenager. I also had crazy ideals of beauty and that meant bone skinny. I think I’ve made progress and I’m still working on it.

Are you realistic about your weight-loss goal?

I didn’t use to be but I’m much more now. Years ago I wanted to be about 105 lbs (which isn’t insane for my height) but I’m realistic now. I’m looking for 130 – 140 lbs in the long run.

Do you have family and friends to support your weight-loss efforts?

For the most part although family has been somewhat of an issue over the years. Lately I avoid my grandmother who really puts bad thoughts into my head as far as weight goes. My dad has stopped criticizing me which is good. My friends are great and my boyfriend is the best…wonderful people truly.
Do you believe that you can change your eating habits? Yes, I guess I’m just not sure what I need to change.

Are you willing to become more physically active?

Yes! In fact that’s the easiest part so far…now if I could get more active more often.

Do you have time to keep records of your food intake and physical activity?

I always put it off but I will make more of an effort. I am willing to do it and I’ve done it before.

Are you willing to look at past successes and failures in weight loss and other areas of your life?


Do you view a healthy-weight program as a positive experience?

If you mean a diet I won’t do it. Nothing could ever make me do a diet program again…I’d rather stay this weight honestly. It’s too hard to fail.

Have you resolved any eating disorders or other emotional issues that make it difficult for you to achieve a healthy weight?

No but I’ve made progress.

Do you believe that a healthy weight is a lifelong commitment?


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