Tales of 4 Rings

I’m a lucky girl to have gotten several rings over the years from past boyfriends and they are all deeply special to me in their own way. I want to share the stories that go along with them.

Gold and amethyst heart – This ring was given to me by my first boyfriend on my Sweet 16. The best part of this ring was how it was given to me. I had a big Sweet 16 party and after all my presents my then boyfriend got in front of ALL of my friends and handed me a small box. Everyone awwed and giggled.

Drain Pipe – So I was at a frat party (I was a freshman) and this guy (drunk already) started chatting up with me for a while…I thought he was cute so I chatted back. Out of nowhere he noticed a drain pipe ring (yes for a sink) on a shelf. In a drunk tone he asked “will you marry me?” and with a laugh I responded “sure.” We had realized we were in a class together and he said “make sure you wear it to class. I think I actually did wear it to class but he’d forgotten the whole thing anyway. Still we started dating soon after that.

3 Hearts – I was dating a guy I liked a whole lot as a senior in high school and we’d only been together two weeks. He’d gone on a hiking trip and I missed him terribly while he was gone. When he came back he got down on one knee and took my hand. He said “I was hiking and came along this silver ring with 3 hearts on it and I kept it for good luck. I figure I have you so it must work” and he slipped it on my ring finger. I was touched…and the ring fit my abnormal 4 1/2 size finger.

Valentines Claddagh – So I was on and off with a guy in college. I wasn’t interested in being serious at that point and he really wanted a serious relationship. Come Valentines Day I decide I have to end things and when we got together I told him we had to break up. That’s when he gave me the claddagh ring. Mind you I’d always wanted a claddagh ring but only from someone really special…someone I loved. My friends even told him “don’t buy her a claddagh right”. He gave it to me anyway and we still broke up, although we got back together and broke up for the next 2 years or so.

As you can see a ring can mean so many things and in my book a ring is about the meaning behind it not how it looks. I still have all these rings somewhere and they are all sweet memories I cherrish.

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